2009 is shaping up to be an amazing Festival!

Festival planning is in full gear and I’ve spent much of the morning working to get things in place.   The star of our festival will be our 99 red balloon event!  See below!  I’m very excited.

 We’ve had so many great improvements this year it’s hard to know where to start.  Adding Dan Hamilton and Andrew Stone to our group is making a big difference and they are much appreciated.  This new website for example is Andrew’s work.  Dan and Andrew are working hard at ensuring our best interaction yet with local businesses.  I’m excited to see more of them get involved.  Eric and Fritz have once again been phenomenal and I’m happy to have them back this year.  We are once again the finish line for the Utah AIDS walk for life after a year’s hiatus.    We’re also bringing in the Salt Lake City recycling program to manage our waste cans this year.  Want to learn more about what to put in the green can vs the blue can?  You can find out with us when you want to throw your festival trash away.  Golds Cross Ambulance has also once again offered their services as our First Aid station.  They have supported us for many years and they deserve a shout out for their continued and unheralded contribution. Thank you guys.

So what else?  We’ll have a FIRE TRUCK!  I love our neighborhood fire station.  Come honk the horn and watch the ladder reach to the sky.

 We’re putting together the best arts and crafts booths yet!  I have more applications than ever ahead of the deadline.  We may be full by the deadline this year and that will make our work so much easier.

 And have you noticed?  Our music line up is already set!  It’s going to be a great year at the 9th & 9th Street Festival.

 But help!  There’s more!  We need more volunteers!  Please sign up.  We’ll feed you, dress you (t-shirts), and give you a great way to contribute to our neighborhood.

 See you there! – Heidi