10 AM – 11 AM – Wasatch Coaching Academy

They are back again for another amazing year!  We welcome the Wasatch Coaching Academy from 10 am – 11 am the day of the festival!  You won’t want to miss this special student group.

For the past many years, the students of Wasatch Music Coaching Academy have opened the 9th and 9th Street Festival with a variety of music from the past 70 years.  This year, our “WMCA Master’s Ensemble” will be no less exciting as it has been throughout the past decade of our involvement at this great event.  This year, our ensemble consists of students who were part of our 2017 project of Hamilton, all the way up to the recent 2018 UAF program including music from The Greatest Showman.  We look forward to seeing you there on Saturday, September 15th this year!!!