Vendor FAQ

Your Host

Is the East Liberty Park Community Council. Heidi Preuss is the event chair.

Vendor check-in and event information

The application deadline is Sept 10th, but you may still apply.  If we still have space you can be considered.   If you are interested in participating and it is after the deadline please submit an application online.


The Festival info booth will be on the NW corner of the intersection of 900 S and 900 E in Salt Lake City.  We will be out front and obvious (10 ft south of the door).  Out tent canopy is green and there should be a sign. The Festival is open from 10 AM to 6:00 PM


  1. Booth spaces are 10’X10′ and no structures(tent,table,chairs etc) are provided.
  2. You will receive your booth location assignment on the morning of the event at the Festival Info booth
  3. The info booth will be located at the NW corner of the intersection   Please check in there when you arrive.
  4. Set up begins at 7 AM but you need not arrive that early (see next line)
  5. You must have your vehicles out of the event area by 9:30AM. Plan to arrive so you can be done by 9:30AM.
  6. Tear down is from 6:00 to 7:30 PM
  7. If you have special needs or requests regarding setup/teardown time requirement, vehicles etc, please let me know. I can be reached at the phone number on the application.

Available Restrooms

It is likely that more will be available but here’s the short list

6 at Smiths

2 at Barbacoa

1 at The Tower

1 at Coffee Garden

1 at Starbucks

Stage Info

We have a great line up for the stage, For the most recent information on Stage performances go to: Music/Stage

Further answers to questions

Set up :

No, it is not necessary to begin set up at 7 AM.  In fact I encourage people to come at different times as the info booth would get overwhelmed if everyone shows up at once. Time your set-up so that you will be able to move your car by 9:30.

Stopping and Parking: Since a majority of the road will already be closed off by 7 AM there will be space to stop to pick up your booth information within the festival area.   Stop, pick up your booth information and head to your designated location.  Unload your merchandise, begin set up, then move your vehicle to one of the vendor parking areas before 9:30AM.  If you are alone, I’ve found the festival vendor community to be very supportive, ask your neighbor to watch your things while you park you vehicle.

You will likely have to maneuver around barricades to get into the area but they are there for everyone’s safety.

There are 4 vendor parking areas within the event area.  They will be marked on the maps you will pick up with your booth information. Please park a maximum of one vehicle in the vendor parking areas.  If you have a second vehicle, please park it in the far N and NW corner of the Smiths parking lot (Smiths is at the corner of 900 E and 800 S)

Weather cancellation/Refunds If we have to cancel the event due to weather we will refund your booth fee minus $10 dollars.

If you chose to withdraw less than two week before the event we can not issue a refund.
If you chose to withdraw more than two week before the event a full refund will be issued

This is to help defray prepaid non refundable costs we’ve incurred to have the event.

More questions? Contact us via our Facebook Page.

Thanks everyone. See you Saturday!

Heidi Preuss

Festival Chair