Applications are closed for 2019.

Do you have a product, service, restaurant or just a fun idea that would interest the 9th and 9th Neighborhood? If you do then we want you to join us in our day of fun and interaction!

Food Vendor Notice

Once you’ve decided to participate in the festival and have completed the Vendor Application You must make sure you ALSO apply for a Temporary Event Food Permit from the Salt Lake Valley Health Department and meet its Requirements. This is VERY IMPORTANT. Food vendors must comply with the Fire Department Tent and Temporary Structure Permit Requirements at Fire Requirements. Your tent or canopy must have a fire resistant rating visibly affixed to the tent. Cooking Tents or Areas: In addition to the general requirement cooking tent must also meet these requirements:

Flame retardant certification must be provided for all temporary structures utilized for cooking or heating of food. California State Fire Marshal’s flame retardant certification seal must be visibly affixed to the tent:
Tents where cooking takes place, or cooking tents in an aggregate configuration, must be at least 20 feet from any building or other tents. Aggregate cooking tents will maintain 10 foot separation from adjacent cooking tents.

A portable fire extinguisher with a minimum 4A40BC rating must be provided for each tent where cooking is taking place. If there are grease laden vapors present, a K type extinguisher is also required. (i.e.: deep fat frying) Inspection tags are required annually. (IFC 906.3(1))
LP gas cylinders, up to 500 gallons, must be stored outside and kept a minimum of 10 feet from any other structure. Cylinders capable of holding 501 gallons and greater shall require a 25 foot separation.
Any open flame cooking or heat cooking will be supervised by an adult at all time. This adult will serve as a fire watch and standby personnel to take prompt measures for extinguishment of fires that occur and assist in the evacuation of the public from the structure. (Refer to IFC 2404.20)
The Fire Department and Health Department will inspect food booths and will shut down any booth that does not meet their requirements.