2022 9th & 9th Street Festival | Saturday, September 17 from 10 am – 6 pm.


For ADA accommodations at the 9th and 9th Street Festival, please call or text 9th and 9th Street Festival at 385-202-3383, preferably 24 hours prior to the event.

The 9th and 9th Street Festival takes place in the street and includes a road closure on 900 East from 800 South to Belmont and on 900 South from 800 East to Lincoln. All sidewalks remain open to rolling, strolling, or walking, and there are accessible ramps at points along the sidewalk into the street. The paths through the festival booths are 10+ feet wide.

The road conditions may include bumps and uneven surfaces typical of roads.


Accessible restrooms are located in Barbacoa at 859 East 900 South.


For those who need to be dropped off at the event, please access the center of the festival from the south side of the intersection of 900 South and 900 East. At Belmont (approx 950 South) on 900 East, carefully pass the Local Traffic Only sign heading north on 900 East. When you get to 900 South, you’ll see a Road Closed sign. You can drop off people there.


The festival does not have its own parking. If you need accessible parking, please contact 9th and 9th Street Festival at 385-202-3383 by 10:00 am on Friday to see how we can help.